Is this the end of Crapbot Productions!?!? (yes)

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Ok…I’ve finally accepted the fact that “Crapbot Productions” isn’t really a great name for a production company.  So Crapbot Productions and are going away.  From here on out I’ll be doing business under my real name.  So if you’re looking for news about Dan Lamoureux you should check out my new website and  blog at!

Hey Chuck, Thanks for the Cash!

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ohchuck1 copyWere you awake and watching CBS This Morning at about 8AM on Saturday? No?!?! Well that’s too bad because if you had tuned in you would have seen an interview with the $10,000 winner of Charles Schwab’s “Oh Chuck, I Blew my Cash” photo and video contest…and that winner was me!

On top of the ten grand, the nice folks at Charles Schwab also treated me to a trip to New York so I could appear on CBS things morning. It was a very surreal experience but I had a great time. And hey, it was my national television debut! (It’s weird…this was my second time on TV this month.) For this contest, people were supposed to submit a photo or a video and tell a story about something crazy that they wasted money on. (Money that could have been put to better use in a Charles Schwab account.) As soon as I read the description for this one I knew exactly what my video was going to be about. Here’s my submission:

And here’s my segment from CBS This Morning.

Yes…the anchor called me “Don” there at the end but I assume that was because I reminded her of Don Draper. About a minute in to the interview I noticed the name “Don Lamoureux” up on the teleprompter so I knew the slip up was coming. I figured it would be best to just smile and let it happen since we were so short on time.

I’ve been on camera plenty of times before and I’ve actually done a lot of interviews over the years.  But for some reason I was really nervous while waiting in the green room.  The Charles Schwab guy was super nice to me and helped keep me distracted.  I felt way better and I was completely comfortable once we got on set.  Here’s a shot from my favorite moment in the interview.  The host asked if the Schawb guy had given me any advice about investing my prize money.  I totally threw that very friendly dude under the bus and said “this guy told me to take the 10 grand and buy 10 more bouncy houses!”  The guy looked at me like I just stabbed him in the back and ended his career as an investment expert.


Dan “not Don” Lamoureux

All in all, my trip to NYC was totally ridiculous. The hotel Charles Schwab booked me into was the Parker Meridian. It was pretty baller and my room over-looked central park. Schwab even had a car service drive me around all weekend. (Not one of the signs the drivers held up got my name right either.) Oh and I also got my first ever “per diem!” And that per diem certainly came in handy when I ordered the James Beard award winning potato pancakes for breakfast in the Parker Meridians restaurant. Anyways, I had a great time. Thanks Chuck for the cash and the trip!

Nerdcore For Life makes it Public Television debut

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If you’re in Wisconsin, this weekend, be sure to tun in to Wisconsin Public TV.  You might just catch an airing of Nerdcore For Life.  The documentary will run several times over the next few days as part of WPTV’s regular series; Director’s Cut.  The show even features a 30 minute interview with me so my life long dream of appearing on public television has finally come true!  Ok, maybe it wasn’t really a life long dream but it was pretty awesome.  My interview is online and you can see the whole thing right here.  Right after I did my interview, I walked down the hall and I did a quick promo for Wisconsin Public Radio.  It’s short but I think the radio interview turned out really nicely.  You can hear it here.  A huge thanks goes out to all the folks at WPTV that made this possible!

Ain’t it Cool News reviews Nerdcore For Life

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Seeing this on AICN yesterday blew my mind a little bit

Seeing this on AICN yesterday blew my mind a little bit.

I guess I can cross another item off my bucket list! Ain’t it Cool News reviewed a movie I made and they actually liked it a lot. But I have no idea WHY they posted this review. Nerdcore for Life is 4 years old! And the weirdest thing is, the review was done for their “Hurts So Good” column. That column’s supposed to be about movies so bad that they’re good! But the article says NC4L was featured because the music in the film hurts so good.  Here are some of my favorite quotes:

With Dan Lamoureux doing such an excellent job showcasing everything about the nerdcore life, it’s more of the hip hop stereotypes they are trying to break, the nerd stereotypes they are trying to maintain and the music itself that truly hurts so good.

At the end of the day, NERDCORE FOR LIFE is a great documentary on a subject that had gone under the radar for so long and pretty much needed to be exposed.

While we’re a long way from hearing the likes of MC Lars and Baddd Spellah being mentioned in the same sentence as your household Jay-Z’s and Kanye Wests, with a film like NERDCORE FOR LIFE in the atmosphere, it’s no longer completely out of the question that it may one day happen.

Anyway, read this article if you wanna hear how great the movie is. And read the comments if you want to hear a lot of nerd rage from AICN readers because the author strayed from the original “Hurts so Good” premise of his column.


Nerdcore For Life now available on The WatchBox

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Nerdcore For Life is the project that just refuses to die!  A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a rep at a new company called The WatchBox.  To my surprise, the rep said she had seen Nerdcore For Life at a film festival a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  So she wanted to know if I’d be interested in adding the documentary to their website.  I said yes of course and so now Nerdcore For Life is available on the site.  You can watch the movie and all the DVD extras for just $1.99. (cheap!)  To my surprise, the folks at The WatchBox really played up the debut of the film.  Not only is NC4L featured on the front page of the site, they even chnaged their facebook page to feature a giant picture of Nerdcore superstar, Beefy.

Click here to watch the doc:

Samples of our recent work

If you’ve checked out the rest of this site you’ll know that I’m a big believer in shooting work on spec.  I’ve done a few spec ads that I’m really proud of the last two years so I thought I’d compile them here.  Here now are a few samples of some of our recent projects….

I get to play philanthropist thanks to Randstad!

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This is totally amazing! I won first place in a video contest that was run by a company named Randstad and as part of my prize, the sponsor is going to donate $5,000 to the charity of my choice!  I also get $5,000 to keep for myself but in a weird way I’m kind of more excited about the money I get to give away.  Yo, I feel like friggin’ Bill and Melinda Gates over here!  This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I try and donate to a few charities whenever I can but I can never afford to give more than a few hundred dollars a year. So having the power to donate $5,000 to any cause I want is a rush. I’ve been thinking about this for days and I’m having a really hard time picking just one organization. My friends on facebook sent me some really great suggestions but I wanted to really do something huge with the money. I wanted to….you know….alleviate some human suffering with the cash.

So I’ve decided to donate the whole nut to a group called Charity: Water. The group’s mission? “To bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.” Water is the most basic of human needs. If you don’t have water, nothing else matters. There are a lot of water-related charities but one thing really makes Charity: Water special. Here’s a quote from their website:

When we started charity: water, we made a bold promise to the general public — 100% of all their donations would always go directly to water project costs. Even the credit card fees from your donation today are taken care of, so a true 100% goes to people in need. Private donors, foundations and sponsors cover our operating costs; everything from staff salaries to basic office systems to office rent and supplies. This allows us to continue using 100% of public donations for water projects.

Is that an ingenious idea or what? I think a lot of people are hesitant to donate to charities because they figure most of the money will be spent on salaries and other bureaucratic stuff. So finding a few millionaires to cover all the operating costs will make average joes like me feel like this group delivers the biggest bang for our charitable buck.

The thing that really sealed the deal for me though is that a donation of $20 gives one person in the developing world access to clean water. And a single donation of $5,000 can fund an entire, large-scale water project for an entire village! It takes 18 months to complete one of these big projects but apparently, people who fund an entire well get updates and photos of of how the project is progressing. I haven’t really gotten into the final details of this with Randstad yet but hopefully they’ll be able to keep me in the loop as far as the updates go.

Randstad ran an amazing contest and they gave out a ton of prizes. A bunch of other winners also get to send money to charity. You can see all of the winning videos here: Rather than post my own entry, I thought I’d instead use this space to post a video explaining how Charity: Water works. They’re a really awesome organization and there are a lot of thirsty people in the word. So if you’re looking for a charity support, this is a great one.


More info at

Check out our Crash the Super Bowl entry, Caves & Monsters

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Back in October, some friends and I got together and shot an entry for Doritos big, annual Crash the Super Bowl contest.  When all was said and done, Fritolay recived a whopping 5,000 submissions so suffice it to say, we didn’t win!  But I do happen to think our entry is ridiculously good.  It features a group of table-top gamers playing a goofy D&D style game called “Caves & Monsters.”  If you’re a fan of elves, wizards, Doritos and lightning bolts I think you’ll appreciate our little mega-geek masterpiece.

So…I sent a Giraffe into space for

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This fall, the microjob site was looking for an interesting way to introduce themselves to the Internet.  So…I attached their logo to a weather balloon and sent that sucker to the edge of space!  And since DoUpTo’s mascot is a giraffe, I stuck a little giraffe astronaut on the logo just kind of for the heck of it.  This was my first high altitude weather balloon launch but it went pretty well.  Unfortunately it took so long for the balloon to reach 100,000 feet (the balloon is designed to pop at that height) that the sun set in the middle of the video!  But Doupto was still pretty happy with the stunt.  I had a great time doing this project and I’m going to have to do some more launches just for fun when the weather gets nice again.  Here’s the video of the space giraffe’s journey:


New documentary project: Greetings From Krampus!

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Our pal, Krampus

Our pal, Krampus

Believe it or not, back in the day lovable old Saint Nick used to run around Eastern Europe with a child-murdering demon from Hell. Legend had it that on Saint Nicolas Day, Santa Claus would arrive to reward all the good boys and girls with presents and treats. But if you had been naughty, Santa would call in the Krampus to torture you until you repented for your sins. Though the Krampus has been a major part of the Germanic Christmas tradition for centuries, the idea of a goat-legged Christmas monster never really caught on here in the U.S. But we’re hoping to change that with our new short documentary, Greetings From Krampus!

In December of 2011, our brave crew will travel from Chicago to Germany and Austria to document the beloved Alpine Christmas tradition of Krampusnacht; The Night of the Krampus. Every year on Saint Nicolas Day Eve, thousands of young men in villages all across southern Germany, Austria and Northern Italy don horrifying (and beautifully crafted) Krampus costumes and rampage through the streets, frightening children and whipping anyone who crosses their paths.

While in Europe, the crew will also be covering the adventures of 28 year old New Yorker, Paul T. as he makes a pilgrimage to the land of the Krampus. Born in North Pole, Alaska, Paul got to experience Christmas every day while growing up. But since he moved to Brooklyn, Paul has become obsessed with a different holiday; Halloween. Paul has developed a knack for crafting amazing and complex costumes and for the last 5 years, he has worked at the largest costume shop on the east coast. So when Paul first saw the horrifyingly festive costumes that were being created and worn in Europe, he knew he wanted to try and construct his own Krampus costume.

And so he did. Last December Paul joined hundreds of his fellow New Yorkers at the infamous New York SantaCon. (In a weird way, it’s essentially an Americanized version of Krampusnacht.) But unlike the rest of the mob, Paul wasn’t wearing a red suit and a white beard. Paul was dressed as the only Krampus in New York City.

While in Austria, Paul hopes to learn how to create a European-style Krampus costume and maybe even get a few lessons on proper Krampus behavior. After the trip, Paul will return to New York so he can prepare a new, more authentic Krampus costume that he will unveil at the 2011 NYC Santacon. There are dozens of Santacon events all over the world and if Paul gets his way, maybe some day, each one of them will have their own Krampus on hand to doll out a little, much-needed punishment to all the bad boys and girls in the crowd.

Greetings From Krampus is being produced by Crapbot Productions. The short is being directed by documentary filmmaker Dan Lamoureux. For more information about the production, please e-mail us at

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